• Testimonials and Case Studies

    "Finally, someone has systematized -- and quantified -- the most important work that gets done in a company."

    Joshua Klein, Author, Advisor, and Technologist


    “SuperOrg includes the critical factors CEOs should focus on. But more importantly, SuperOrg has integrated these factors into a simple, easy-to-use digital toolkit, enabling CEOs to manage the interdependencies of these factors at a level they could not achieve without it.”

    Professor Dr. Hermann Eul, Board Director and Private Investor

    "SuperOrg is an invaluable tool I have consistently applied in three companies to achieve dramatic shareholder value improvement."

    Robert Mills, Board Director and CEO

    "The way SuperOrg separates the wheat from the chaff in the critical areas of finance, strategy, organization, and operations, and then seamlessly integrates it all into a single tool, is amazing."

    Andrew Lobo, CPA and CHRO


    "It was excellent to learn how to apply the Systems Level Thinking to various issues and challenges with practical case studies with a view to integrate strategy, operations, and financials to make effective decisions with a focus at creating Shareholder Value!"

    Nipun Sin, Corporate Controller


    “The SuperOrg toolkit, anchored by its systemic approach to change, is a powerful and effective method for managing organizational performance.


    Because CEOs can simultaneously see the big picture as well as critical details in real time, they can more easily anticipate, identify, and make mid-course corrections that are central to any successful change effort.”

    Dr. Deborah Wallace

    Expert in Applied Systems Thinking


    “Mind blowing and excellently thorough. Provides a holistic framework for understanding an organization, inside and out."

    CPA, Manager of Internal Controls


    “Mark Sickles is my advisor in my role as Founding CEO of Blue Warriors. Drawing on the SuperOrg strategic management methodology, we engage in action-based conversations that result in my consistently thinking of solutions and opportunities I would not have otherwise thought of - what Mark calls “unthought thoughts.


    With Mark’s guidance, I am developing into a CEO equipped to ensure Blue Warriors will always be the perfectly designed organization for its next stage of growth. If you would like to become this type of CEO, I highly recommend working with Mark and SuperOrg.”


    Pep Cearnal

    Founding CEO, Blue Warriors



  • Case Study: SuperOrg In Action


    Breakthrough Increase in Profits and Market Value

  • More SuperOrg Success Stories

    Increased revenues from $800M to $4B in 6 years for a pharmaceutical firm, producing 35% annual rates of returns to shareholders

    Contributed to billions of dollars of increased market value over a 2-3 year period for an $8B durable goods firm

    Increased operating income from ($8M) to $54M over a two year period for a $250M business unit of a generic pharmaceutical firm, contributing to a 250% increase in market value

    Tripled market value over a three year period for a PE portfolio company, increasing EBITDA 100% to $40M

    Preserved shareholder value for a $350M plastics firm by preventing an acquisition that would not have covered the cost of capital

    Transformed strategy, organization, and operations to produce a breakthrough competitive advantage leading to sustainable market domination for a business group of a global chemical firm

  • Case Study: Becoming a SuperOrg CEO

    How to Unleash Your Potential for Extraordinary Results 

  • Listen to SuperOrg CEO Mark Sickles discuss the Total Capital Management™ Movement on Going Green


    “Just like his free form talking on the UK! Masterminding, Mark’s “Going Green” podcast is fabulous.

    Paula Turk

    World Thought Leader

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