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    Do you believe in miracles? SuperOrg is a disruptive accelerator opportunity to develop your organization into a world-class athlete - smarter, faster, and stronger than the competition. In SuperOrgs, every person - board directors, management, and overall workforce - understands their job is to optimize sustainable value creation for shareholders and all other stakeholders, aka "doing well by doing good."


    A proven-to-work, principle-based, interdisciplinary system of effective action, SuperOrg uniquely enables people to perform this job at a level of excellence far beyond what they could achieve on their own or in another firm. With SuperOrg, the vision of the organization becoming the firm's most powerful and enduring competitive advantage becomes a reality.


    Miracles do happen! Super Bowl dynasties do happen! Just ask the players on Herb Brooks' 1980 Olympic hockey team, or today, the players on Bill Belichick's New Engalnd Patriots - two great examples of SuperOrgs. Why not make your organization another? The secret to their extraordinary success is here at your fingertips. All that's missing is your action.

  • SuperOrg - The Next Big Thing

    According To WIRED Magazine ...

    The way to spot the future - to spot the next big thing - is to look for interdisciplinary pioneers who cross-pollinated multiple disciplines to create a smarter, faster and stronger capability far beyond existing technologies, disciplines, and practices. This is SuperOrg's story in a nutshell.


    SuperOrg is an innovative, interdisciplinary system of organizational intelligence, agility, and adaptability we call “supervention” created by our weaving together 30 management principles, theories and models. Think of SuperOrg as your own magic carpet elevating you and your organization to a level of performance conventional wisdom says is impossible. All that's missing is your action.

  • Peter Drucker Prophesied SuperOrg

    Peter Drucker's definition of innovation is a perfect description of SuperOrg: "The specific instrument of entrepreneurship ... the act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth." For validation of this assertion, please see our Testimonials and Success Stories below.


    Would you agree your shareholders and other stakeholders would like you to achieve these types of breakthrough performances and results? Why not commit to making 2019 the year you equipped yourself with the SuperOrg innovation and "endowed your resources with a new capacity to create wealth?" We guarantee the process will work for you if you work the process.



  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Why do so many companies destroy or sub-optimize shareholder value? The root cause is the omission of systems-level thought and action needed to build high-performance organizations that consistently do the right things the right way - and do nothing else.


    2. Why are so few companies managed at the systems level? The main reason is that, until now, it has been very hard to do, so most people ignore it as an option and don’t even try.


    3. Why is the systems level essential to optimal value creation? Because it provides a deep knowledge of the web of cause and effect relationships in an organization, permitting executives to solve large and more complex problems to create extraordinary value unattainable at the departmental/functional level. In addition, it is the only way to identify and develop the right parts of the whole.


    4. What is the difference between a heap and a whole? A heap is when the organizational parts are misaligned, disconnected, and working independently, creating dysfunction, negative synergy, and sub-optimal value. A whole is when the organizational parts are designed-to-fit, working interdependently to create a state of positive synergy and optimal value creation. SuperOrg equips executives to turn heaps into wholes.


    5. Why is SuperOrg a breakthrough opportunity? SuperOrg is the integration of 30 performance-enhancing management principles, theories and models into a simple workflow unleashing their cumulative power. Even if someone had expertise in all 30 disciplines, without SuperOrg, they would not be able to manage their interdependencies essential to breakthrough results. Now these outcomes can be achieved even if the users have no knowledge of the 30 disciplines. This is why SuperOrg has been called “magical” by a systems-level expert integrally involved in its development.


    6. Why does SuperOrg always achieve extraordinary results when implemented effectively and completely? Because it is principle-based (not rule-based) and designed at the systems level. This is why SuperOrg is the key to achieving your own "Miracle on Ice."

  • SuperOrg: Smarter...Faster...Stronger


    Enjoy this short video on creating SuperReturns with SuperOrg

  • Testimonials

    "Finally, someone has systematized - and quantified - the most important work that gets done in a company."

    Joshua Klein, Author, Advisor, and Technologist


    “SuperOrg includes the critical factors CEOs should focus on. But more importantly, SuperOrg has integrated these factors into a simple, easy-to-use digital toolkit, enabling CEOs to manage the interdependencies of these factors at a level they could not achieve without it.”

    Professor Dr. Hermann Eul, Board Director and Private Investor

    "SuperOrg is an invaluable tool I have consistently applied in three companies to achieve dramatic shareholder value improvement."

    Robert Mills, Board Director and CEO

    "The way SuperOrg separates the wheat from the chaff in the critical areas of finance, strategy, organization, and operations, and then seamlessly integrates it all into a single tool, is amazing."

    Andrew Lobo, CPA and CHRO


    "It was excellent to learn how to apply the Systems Level Thinking to various issues and challenges with practical case studies with a view to integrate strategy, operations and financials to make effective decisions with a focus at creating Shareholder Value!"

    Nipun Sin, Corporate Controller


    “The SuperOrg toolkit, anchored by its systemic approach to change, is a powerful and effective method for managing organizational performance.


    Because CEOs can simultaneously see the big picture as well as critical details in real time, they can more easily anticipate, identify, and make mid-course corrections that are central to any successful change effort.”

    Dr. Deborah Wallace

    Expert in Applied Systems Thinking


    “Mind blowing and excellently thorough. Provides a holistic framework for understanding an organization, inside and out."

    CPA, Manager of Internal Controls


  • Check out this SuperOrg CEO's success story of SuperReturns™

    Imagine using SuperOrg to make your own story of SuperReturns as you read this one.

  • More SuperOrg Success Stories

    Increased revenues from $800M to $4B in 6 years for a pharmaceutical firm, producing 35% annual rates of returns to shareholders

    Contributed to billions of dollars of increased market value over a 2-3 year period for an $8B durable goods firm

    Increased operating income from ($8M) to $54M over a two year period for a $250M business unit of a generic pharmaceutical firm, contributing to a 250% increase in market value

    Tripled market value over a three year period for a PE portfolio company, increasing EBITDA 100% to $40M

    Preserved shareholder value for a $350M plastics firm by preventing an acquisition that would not have covered the cost of capital

    Transformed strategy, organization, and operations to produce a breakthrough competitive advantage leading to sustainable market domination for a business group of a global chemical firm

  • Implementation

    Key is to install the system in people’s heads as well in their computers while building intensity and commitment to optimized sustainable value creation. We use a principle-based methodology proven to consistently achieve extraordinary results. Implementation can commence the first week, and early results can be achieved within a month.

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