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    Mike Morotti

    CRO - Chief Revenue Officer

    A sales growth, market share and revenue generation executive of more than 20 years, Mike's extensive experience in fast-growing business environments makes him a noteworthy addition to any executive team.

    He has served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Medsphere Systems Corporation, where he led the commercialization efforts of the world's most successful open-source, electronic health record bringing the organization into record growth and profitability.

    He also served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Validus Medical Systems, where he led the commercialization of the world's first mobile computerized physician order entry (mCPOE) technology resulting in a successful acquisition.


    Prior to that, he served as Director of Sales at Aspect Medical Systems, Inc., (ASPM), a world leader in the development of brain monitoring technology solutions during pre and post IPO successes.

    He has extensive informatics experience, a unique background for sales and marketing, as well as an obvious, detailed understanding of how hospitals work and what matters to both administrators and clinicians in an acute-care environment.

    His sales philosophy of developing relationships and understanding customer needs, the foundational elements of a successful organization, blends well with the world's approach to affordably improving patient care.