• Our Guiding Belief

    In honor of Dr. W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Kary Mullis, and Herb Brooks, the organization is every firm's most powerful and enduring competitive advantage.

    Our Vision

    Inspired by our guiding belief, a global Total Capital Management Movement producing a level of sustainable organizational effectiveness and value creation today's old-fashioned, siloed organizations and corporate leaders consider impossible

    Our Mission

    In pursuit of our vision, continue to establish the Total Capital Management Movement as a global, principle-based, breakthrough opportunity for corporate leaders to make the fundamental shift in their approach to governance, leadership, and management from intradisciplinary to interdisciplinary.


    This fundamental shift will 1) optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of your formation, allocation, utilization, and active reallocation of all types of capital and 2) establish the nature and degree of sustainable organizational effectiveness needed to achieve the Sustainability Synergy™: the creation of superior levels of sustainable financial value for shareholders in ways that make a positive impact on economic, environmental, and social sustainability on behalf of all other valued stakeholders, and vice versa.

    Total Capital Management™ Movement Participants

    A global community of future-oriented corporate leaders with an unbending commitment to mastering Total Capital Management and achieving the Sustainability Synergy.



    SuperOrg's Chief Capital Officer™ Institute

    Pull a future of extraordinary results by becoming a Chief Capital Officer through a "mind blowing and excellently thorough" development process designed to master Total Capital Management and achieve the Sustainability Synergy. (www.chiefcapitalofficer.institute)


    "This development process was an incredibly revelatory experience that transformed my thinking about how businesses should be governed, led, and managed."

    Linda Beatrice Lois